I am a self-taught landscape and fine art photographer specializing in capturing a surreal view of the world.

Greetings! I'm Markos Berndt from Wisconsin.  Over 15 years ago, when I became confident enough about photography, I began taking pictures for myself.  Today, photography defines who I am and what life means to me - it's not just a hobby or creative outlet anymore.  Take a look at image pages on my website if you want to see some of the work I do best. You can also use this contact? form if you have any questions!

Throughout this site, you will find a variety of my work. From taking photos to building websites, there is something for everyone here. Enjoy the site - and if there's anything that interests you - don't hesitate to contact me! You can even hire me or just talk to me about life; it doesn't matter because I'll be waiting for your messages.?

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Canon has been my brand of choice for more than 10 years, it is what I am comfortable with.

I use a wide range of lenses, from Tamron to Samyang and even some Canon ones too. One of my favorites is the 17-35mm lens; I used it mostly for landscapes and have had it ever since I began shooting digital. Usually, I only need one tripod, but sometimes I do put two out there just in case.?


Print Information

Although the shop only contains acrylic prints in metallic or glossy (Fuji Pearl), this is my personal preference for printing.  I can print on any paper or paper size for most images in the collection.  If you send me a message using the contact page and fill out the form, just be sure to select prints from the subject boxes.  I can get just about anything printed from wraps to mounting as well as an estimated cost, and if for any reason I cannot print a current image or something special, I'll send you a message promptly


These prints are mounted to acrylic for the richest, deepest colors of any display method.  It??™s my personal choice for prints as they are ready to hang out of the box with a floating mount system for display.  It makes it look like the print is floating off the wall.  I promise these will look stunning on any wall and are relatively maintenance free. 

All Acrylics include:

 Print on paper of your choice - FREE upgrade to SuperGloss

  • 1/8” Acrylic front
  • 1/8” Dibond* back
  • Router finished edges
  • Inset 3/4” deep Aluminum subframe
  • Cleat hanger and security screw


Metal prints are my other preferred method of getting prints done, because of an edge to edge print with no bulky frames.  They have a very glossy finish, which brings out deep rich colors.  They will look amazing hanging up on your wall.

Your metal print is fused at high temperatures creating a tough  yet attractive piece of art.  We offer sizes from 8”x10” to 40”x60” for most images.

  • Base Color: White or Brushed Aluminum 
  • Surfaces: HighGloss or Matte
  • Corners: Square or 1/8" round for $2 more

Custom Prints & Other Information

I can print on papers if that is what you need.  Just send me an email detailing what you need and I will send you a quote.?

*From the printer:  Our Metal Print panels are coated in a state-of-the-art facility. Small imperfections including craters and bumps are a natural part of the coating process. We inspect every sheet and try to place any imperfections in parts of the image where they are least likely to be noticed. We cannot remake Metal Prints due to these imperfections since they are an inherent part of the process.  markosberndt.photography  also inspects every print from the printer before shipping to you.?

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