1 Hour Photography Workshop @ Wehr Nature Center

Wehr Nature Center is a favorite location of mine where I have spent countless mornings photographing the land, water, and wildlife of the park.  Spend an hour or more with me in this one through seven of your friends or family workshop to learn some of my favorite spots and angles, and why I choose them.  We can go over images on your laptop or my iPad.  This is not a technical type of workshop, more of a shoot and critique of your work from someone who knows and loves this location in Franklin.  If you have a tablet, phone, or laptop, we can go over how to use them to get optimal results.  I probably won't have time to give you a course on Lightroom or technical aspects of photography.  I simply want to make you a better photographer with what you have.


Where:  Wehr Nature Center in Franklin.  Wehr has a few entrances, I like to walk so I park at south of W. College Ave on Whitnall Park Dr, by the bridge, it's a good place to start.  Contact me if you're unsure of the area, I can send a map off where to go.

When:  Is up to you, but you need to choose a date and time first by booking now.

Time:  Time is up to you and the amount of people your signing up for this workshop.  I have one to three hours available, with one to eight people you can sign up.

Other information:  I'm not a gear head nor do I usually talk gear or what is best for you.  I want to help you use what you have to the best of its ability, and see the park, and subjects in a different manner.  Weather shouldn't be a reason to turn you away, rain, snow, and other precipitation is often a good time to get creative... but please give me some time before you cancel or request a new date/time.  Be prepared dress for the weather, we may not be stationary for the entire hour, so light hiking / walking is a constant in outdoor photography.

You will get a new friend in myself, as well as a better grasp of how to utilize your camera to taking better photographs at Wehr Nature Center.

Cancellations:  If markosberndt.photography receives written notification cancelling your workshop more than 10 days prior to the planned day of your workshop, markosberndt.photography will refund 75% of the total workshop cost to you.  There will be no refund for workshops cancelled by you 5 or fewer days before the day of your workshop.

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